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11+ Pre-tests

More and more senior schools are selecting children on the basis of their performance at 11+, even those schools where entry is in Year 9. This puts children under more pressure at a younger age and can disadvantage some who are slower to develop. The process needs to be managed very carefully so that children can show their full potential.

I have a great deal of experience in helping children transition into the right senior school for them. The goal is to ensure that every child finds the best fit for them - a happy and suitably challenged child grows to be the person who will achieve and thrive. The unhappy child will find this more difficult.


Tutoring for the 11+ for me is about ensuring that your child is excited and engaged in their learning. The exam is not consistent across schools and you will need to let me know which schools you are intending for your child, so that I can prepare them effectively. However, if your child is enthusiastic about English, the test will be an exciting challenge and an opportunity to show off their knowledge rather than a moment of dread. We will go through the papers before the test is due so that the child knows exactly what to expect.

To see more about the procedure and pricing, head to The Process.

"Thank you, Mrs dC, for your work with both my children. They have loved your lessons and are now avid readers, which, in the case of the younger one, is nothing short of miraculous!"

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