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I understand the process of pre-testing for senior schools and have been instrumental in ensuring that children of all abilities gain entry to the schools best suited to them. I have also been able to spot the potential of future scholars early on, preparing children for academic scholarships to a wide range of schools. 

I am hugely enthusiastic about English and Latin and love teaching them, both for the creativity and intellectual rigour. I am a published author of children's books and am a devoted fan of children's literature, not only modern but also particularly early 20th century.

English and Latin tutor

Kate di Costanzo, BA (Hons), PGCE Primary

A former Head of Prep, Director of Studies, English and Latin teacher, I now offer online tuition for 11+ pretests, specialising in English and verbal reasoning, English and Latin Common Entrance and Latin GCSE. I have taught at leading prep schools sending children on to top senior schools across the country and I tutor children for senior schools both in and out of London.

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An author, editor and publisher

I spent 14 years working as an editor and writer of children's books, on a range of subjects for different ages. Two of my titles were nominated for the Rhone-Poulenc Science Book Award and the Blue Peter Book Award. Most of the titles I produced were for children aged between
8-12 years old.

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Blog posts

Some thoughts on writing for children - my personal favourites, enthusiasms and inspirations.

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